Monday, January 12, 2009

Good day-
I've run across some people who are asking why I'm doing this, and why now. Well, we've talked about it for years, and I guess we finally have the time to get to it. As far as I can see, its probably our last best chance to do something like this. Also, this is NOT my party, I am simply an enabler. As to who we are inviting/contacting--I'm coming up with names and faces that don't exactly fall into '78/'80 or Scott Hall--but they certainly fall into the friends catagory--I'm definately adding them to my :"try to find" list--hope you all do the same. Spread the word--Oct 17th in Oshkosh.

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Hal Patton said...

We had a great time...hope to do it again...thank you Chuck (and your staff) for all the time you spent to make it happen!

Hal & Gaye