Saturday, July 4, 2009


Friday, October 17

4:30-7ish Fish Fry---Fox River Brewing Co. This place is north of town on the river. You
on your own here as far as reservations, etc. I'm checking to see if
there is a separate room where we can all meet and eat.

7ish-when everish Planning on heading down to the Corners for a little Green Dragon
run. Probably start at CBC and head west towards the City Center

Post Party Pool is open at the Hotel all night--good time to catch up on things...

Saturday, October 18

Up bright and early!!!!!!

8am Breakfast for those inclined at the Multicultural Education Center--
There is also a breakfast for retired Faculty and staff at Reeve, so
if you are inclined to look for an old professor, check this out (Let me
if Watson Parker is there!).

8:30-10:30 Breakfast is served at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
This is a new facility on the river, pretty much due west of Scott.

9:00-10:30 Bus tour of Campus. I'm not that sure, but I remember being able
walk campus in about 15 minutes. There are only 2 or 3 streets I
think you can get a bus down, so.....

North Scott Tour ????? A few people have asked about something like this. If you want
to go I need to know so I can get it set up with the Alumni
Association. September 1 will be the drop dead day for letting
me know if you are going. email at

10am No parade this year, instead a bike ride. From the Rec Center to
Titan Stadium (Tent City). Tent City is where they have a
pregame party, including refreshments, food and entertainment.
There is a shuttle from Campus to Tent City and back every 20
minutes between 11 and 1.

1:30 Oshkosh football, Titans and the Pointers. Plenty of tickets
available---or to Kelley's, to relive football Saturdays the way
some of us do.

Post game Celebration Probably around 4pm Fifth Quarter, at the Comfort Suites
This is at 400 S. Koeller St. Please drive carefully!!!

Post post game celebration-- I am sure there will be some bar hopping going on, some folks
will probably be heading out, others will be burrowing in. Of
course, pool is open all night, good time to catch up on things......

Sunday, October 19 TBD

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