Sunday, July 5, 2009

Okay, went down to see Huey last night. Good show, had a good time. Now, I checked out the area in front of the golf thing a couple of times--some people looked vaguely familiar, but not enough for me to be sure if they were from Scott. Also, there were three girls and a guy that I stood by for most of the concert. I think I have seen them before (so sure I would probably bet on it). I was about to ask them if I knew them when the guy in his patriotic Mt. Rushmore shirt made his move on the short girl. I was laughing pretty good---interesting sight. So if any of you people are reading this and were there, identify yourselves---driving me nuts now. Also, I've finally figured out that after 30 or so years people's looks have changed, suppose I won't recognize everybody.

Also heard from Mary that Julie will be at the reunion. I think she was my Secret Santa one year, it will be nice to see her.

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