Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So I'm sittin' there channel surfing when my good friends at Time Life are broadcasting one of their infomercials with tunes from the 60's. Got me to thinking about Kenny's 60's party back in '82. Seems I remember this party was postponed a week after it was scheduled (death in the family). Of course, I was working at the union and had rearranged my schedule, and was unable to change it back after the party got rescheduled. By the time I got there the party tapes had just about run their course---however, Kenny was nice enough to start them all over again. Six hours of the classics. Passed out people strewn all about. Finally, Jack and doughnuts for breakfast. Kenny is already planning to attend the reunion, and I can get ahold of Brian. No idea on Jim and Randy. Anybody have any info---anybody else remember this classic party?????

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