Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just checked the weekly counters--don't know who all the people reading are, but as long as you're reading I'll try to keep writing. Anybody else wants to get in let us know, we'll get you enabled. Here's a quick update on where some of us will be getting together in the next few weeks.

July 21-22 Wisconsin Dells---gotta' love the Kalahari

July 23-26 Falls Fest in Menomonee Falls---Check with Cheryl in the beer tent near the ball fields, she'll know where we are at.

Aug 14 and 15 Wisconsin State Fair---We'll check out Robert's on Grandstand Ave around 6pm each day (we may be there more often, never can tell). Have fun at the fair.

September 6 Chuckapalooza--Private party, you'd like an invite, get in touch.

September 27--Mel's Pig Roast--Cedarburg, check previous post for more info--See you there....

More info to come......

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