Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have recievied from the Alumni Association names and addresses (some email) of a little over 300 people who graduated from Oshkosh and lived in North Scott between fall l978 and spring l981. Some of you have relocated to all corners of the country, others still remain in Oshkosh. I have decided that I am going to contact people in the following way. If I have an email address for you, I will get around to sending out an email. If I only have a street address I will handle these in the following manner. If I know you, you will hear from me. If I think I know you or your name looks kind of familiar, you will probably hear from me. If I only know your nickname, I may need some help, and you may or may not hear from me. If you have moved far far away, you probably won't hear from me. No offense, just playing the odds. If somebody else knows you and I have any information, you will hear from them. And then there's the old luck of the draw--I've been dropping the pencil and taking my chances. If somebody else directed you here and you didn't get a personal invite, don't be bitter at me, just be happy you've gotten the info and plan on joining us in Oshkosh in October. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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