Monday, September 28, 2009

All right we are now a mere 20 days away from the reunion. There are quite a few folks who read this blog (there are counters), so if your coming to the reunion please make sure you have your ducks in a row---hotel reservations if your staying, dinner reservations if your dining, etc. If your not going to be able to make it, sorry about that, you are going to miss one heck of a good time. We'll probably just talk about you. If you are undecided, hope you'll decide to come. If you heard directly from us, somebody who will be at the reunion wanted you found--if you were just directed here, hope you'll join us for a beer and some memories. If you have any pictures you might want to share, follow the information at the left. As always, please pass the information on to anyone we may have missed--or anyone you want to see at the reunion. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 20 days!

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