Thursday, September 10, 2009

Received an email week or 10 days ago from Ray Cyrus. He spent 4 years as a resident in North Scott (record?). The thing that got me about this was that he was on 9th floor, which was the International floor. I had completely forgotten about this. I think Marcus and Scaboo lived up there, but I don't recall ever heading up or really having much contact with those residents. Another missed opportunity. Don't know if it is still an International Floor or not. Unfortunately, Ray will not be able to join us for the reunion.

Need to know by Sept. 2o if people are interested in a North Scott tour. If there is interest we have to set it up with the Alumni Association. Let us know at

Don't forget about Mel's Pig Roast in Cedarburg on the 27th.

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Anonymous said...

He used to be Billy Ray Cyrus