Monday, June 8, 2009

Got an email the other day from Cheryl Sykora--nice to hear from her. Seems that a friend of hers forwarded the blog site to her. This is a wonderful thing. It also brings me to this point. If I find out you know about this site, don't expect to get any personal invites from me. If you know, you know (of course, you never know until you know). So, Sue, Trish, Lisa, Amy and Mary (friends of Cheryl), consider yourselves informed and invited--we look forward to seeing you in October.

As you can see, Cheryl, I told you I had a picture around here somewhere....I'll see if I can track down Cindy--see if we can make it 100 percenter. I also seem to remember something about some Jello shots on a geography field trip, yes?

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