Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a chance to meet with Deb, Russ, Shoobie over the past weekend and here is what we decided we are going to do. We are going to post an "itinerary" as to where we plan to be and approximate times so that folks will know where the group is hanging out at a particular time on the 17th and 18th. We are also planning to post a list of names of people we are unable to locate--if there is someone out there you are looking to find, be sure to let us know and we will include them on that list. Finally, right here and now, we are going to list the people we believe that have been contacted about the reunion. This may be through the mail, e-mail or good old word of mouth. If you see somebody on this list you know we hope you would encourage them to join us in Oshkosh in October. Of course, if you see your name we want you to join us as well. Some of the people on this list have told us they are thinking about joining us, others have said they may be in town, while others we have not heard from. What we hope to accomplish with this is to get some more people in the "planning on attending" list. So with no further delay, and in no particular order, here we go..........

Mike Moses--- Mike Mesenbrink (Moby)--- Sue Philippe---

Patricia Pingel--- Mary Ritchie--- Tom Stanton (Mel)---

Don Scasny--- Marjorie Schmitz--- Rick Thone---

James Trenter--- Pete Bons--- Gene Woelfel---

Michelle Zimmer--- Val Hanson--- Hugh Leasum---

Bonnie Miller ---Steve Staudinger (Stalin)--- Matt Barczak

Brian Campbell ---- Sue Bressers--- Bill Breider---

Jeff Blakley--- Kevin Coenen--- Don Dykstra---

Cindy Gunderson --- Lauri Keller--- Kerry Kreienbrink---

Cheryl Kunda--- Lance Lamers--- Suzanne Lirette---

Lisa Kurth--- Amy Lacasse--- Tom Lahiff---

Deb Teofilo--- Laurie Frederick--- Cindy Draves---

Pat Gosa--- Ann Buechel ---Todd Hobart---

Lori Koren--- Barbara Bergner ---Elaine Birschbach---

Kayleen Kauffman--- Lori Mierendorf--- Tom Precia---

Dawn Miller--- Elien Sauer--- Laura Lehner---

Suzanee Lirette ---Peggy Gertz --- Teresa Marver---

Patrica Hammer--- Rodney Kiefer--- Dan Kipp---

Barbara Koretos ---Denise Strassman ---Emily Capelle---

Julie Loker--- Cheryl Sykora--- Ron Tiedt---

Mark Verhagen--- Cathy Vita--- Tracy Schommer---

Michael Yaktus --- Karen Nabholz--- Joy Buechel---

Lewis Bettinger--- Tim Bressers--- Colette Gaymon---

Mary Callan--- Mary Sneen--- Scot Van Airsdale---

Jann Busse --- Mike Halla (H) --- Rob Roseff (Gumby)---

Also wanted to mention here that if there is anyone here you would like to get a hold of, let us know--We'll be glad to share any contact information we have. Less than four months to go now......

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