Friday, October 2, 2009

Have some pictures here submitted by Wendy---let's see here---I recognize Noreen and Wendy in the Halloween pic, and the girl in the middle of the back row looks familiar, don't know the two in the front though. Chuck and Thad at the Christmas party (nice sweater)--don't recognize the girl (Wendy?) or the MC. Bottom row I know Wendy but not the guy (she looks happy about it though), and finally Matt with a couple of unidentified friends.

Hey on another note, I no math genius, but I know two weeks equals fourteen days, and I know in fourteen days I will be in Oshkosh, Therefore, that counter over on the left there must be incorrect. I'll get a man on it. Sorry if this messes up anyone's time line.....

Note from Shoobie - The clock has been adjusted to midnight Friday 10/16.  Can only set it to midnight on a given day, otherwise I would have set it for dinner time Friday, but this will have to be close enough.  Nonetheless, it now does show 14 days to go!  By the way, I did graduate with a Math degree :)

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