Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a short note here---to those of you out there we haven't contacted, sorry, consider yourself slipped through the cracks. However, we still look forward to seeing you at Homecoming. To those of you who can't make it, good hearing from you, we understand (mostly). To those of you who we weren't able to convince or who didn't care to respond--you're outta' touch, we're outta' time. For those of you joining us for dinner on Friday, make sure to get the reservations in--looking at a nice crowd. For those of you staying over at the City Center (Park Plazza)----CHECK YOUR RESERVATIONS!!!!!! I CAN STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! I guess somewhere they had a change of management, so make sure. Phone # is 920-231-5000.

I have some items here that belong to other folks that I plan on returning, so if I have anything that belongs to you let me know and I'll bring it along......See you in a couple of days.....Travel safe!!!


Kevin said...

The Final Countdown begins!

I spoke with Lamers today and we will be rolling in Friday nite!

The city center was auctioned off this past summer to new owners....

Anonymous said...

...really Chuckie, you can keep my Outlaws album, it's OK ;)