Saturday, October 10, 2009

These pictures are labeled 7th floor party, May 2, 1980. We've got Noreen, Deb, Russ, Matt, Chuck, Dan, Tom, Paul, Sue, Lori and Laurie......What is the deal with the 5o's look? One week away from Bloody Mary time (almost I guess). Couple of people have asked --Should I bring some beer for when we are hanging around the pool? I am---cans, harder to break those than bottles. Some of the girls are also planning some snack type things....excellent ideas! Looks like a good crowd for Friday fish fry, but still plenty of room for Fratello's and make your reservations now (tell them you are with the North Scott group). See ya'.

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Kathy (chipman) Davenport said...

Noreen Hales old roomie just popping in to say "hi". Thanks, Chuck for tracking me down at my parents house. I appreciate the invite. I'm living in Illinois now and will not make it. Hope everyone has a good time!