Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanks Chuck

I think I can speak for all who were in attendance - THANKS CHUCK!  Thanks for the idea, for your persistent detective work tracking people down, entertaining posts on the blog and getting us together.  It was awesome so see all the old friends and worth all the effort that was done.

Also, thanks to everyone that showed up!  Seeing all of you reminded me of how lucky we were to go through some great years with a great bunch of people.  Hope you all keep in touch and we can meet at other events in the future.  Shoobie

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Anonymous said...

I have just arrived home from Oshkosh,and the Scott Hall reunion.
I enjoyed renewing old friend ships,and seeing people I have not seen in a long while.

I Want to thank our group for the reception you all gave me. It meant the world to me.
I felt at home,and comfortable and like family. Thank You Sooo Much!!!!

Lets continue our lives ,Live well,Laugh allot, love often!

Chuck it was a Great time, Thank you!
Hugs to all,
Markie Wenzel" Wenz"